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EcoBoost Engine Technology: Ford’s Green Driving Solutions

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EcoBoost Engine Technology: Ford’s Green Driving Solutions

EcoBoost is a family of turbocharged gasoline engines developed by Ford Motor Company. The engines are designed to deliver high performance and fuel efficiency, and they are available in a variety of Ford vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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How EcoBoost Engines Work

EcoBoost engines use a turbocharger to compress air before it enters the engine cylinders. This allows the engine to burn more fuel efficiently and produce more power. EcoBoost engines also use direct injection, which means that fuel is injected directly into the engine cylinders. This helps to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.

Benefits of EcoBoost Engines

EcoBoost engines offer a number of benefits over traditional gasoline engines, including:

  • Increased power and performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Quieter operation
  • Smoother performance


EcoBoost engines are a great choice for drivers who want a powerful, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly vehicle. Ford’s EcoBoost technology is a leading example of how automakers are working to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

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Now the NHTSA has opened yet another investigation involving The Blue Oval this time over a series of EcoBoost engine failures This new investigation pertains to a variety of FoMoCo models including an estimated 708837 examples of the 20212022 Ford Bronco Ford Edge Ford Explorer Ford F150 Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln NautilusWith a grand total of 32 Bronco owners filing complaints related to engine failure thus far Ford noted in its NHTSA filing that 25538 SUVs could ultimately be affected by this issue So far affected customers claim that their vehicles experienced a loss of power while driving at highway speeds after which the Broncos would not restart due 1 Current Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price MSRP for base vehicle Excludes destinationdelivery fee plus government fees and taxes

any finance charges any dealer processing charge any electronic filing charge and any emission testing charge Optional equipment not includedTurbocharging One hallmark of Ford EcoBoost is its engines are turbocharged Turbocharged engines use a device that forces in more air than a normal engine would receive More air and more fuel makes an engine more powerfulIn addition to that the upgrade also includes an airtoair intercooler and pipes The Ford 30 EcoBoost engine employs a reverseflow cooling system auto stopstart and variable displacement oil pump The fuel is delivered through a direct fuel injection system which provides precise fuel management and eliminates detonation tendenciesFord There is definitely an EcoBoost powerplant you should steer clear of unless you have a lot of

powertrain warranty left That would be the 10liter threecylinder engine that was found inEcoBoost refers to a line of turbocharged directinjection engines produced by Ford beginning with the 2010 model year Since the first 20L fourcylinder EcoBoost made its debut there have been 10 additional EcoBoost engines These engines have ranged in size and power from the smallest EcoBoost 10L Fox to the DOHC V6 EcoBoost 35L engineEngine family list Inline threecylinder 10 L Fox Ford produces a 10 L turbocharged inline threecylinder engine for the EcoBoost family developed at Ford39s Dunton Technical Centre in the UK Production started in April 2012 The 10 is built initially in two versions 74 kW 101 PS 99 hp and 88 to 92 kW 120 to 125 PS 118 to 123 hp

EcoBoost engines are a significant step forward in automotive technology. They offer drivers the best of both worlds: performance and efficiency. As more automakers adopt EcoBoost technology, we can expect to see even greater improvements in fuel economy and emissions.

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